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What is Spray Wash Pro?

Spray Wash Pro is an international for-profit association for the cleaning industry.

Savings on Spray Wash Academy Courses

PRO Members save 25% on all Spray Wash Academy courses.

Just a few of our benefits:

• SDS Sheets at your fingertips

• Vital OSHA and Industry Links

• Members only discounts from Vendor Sponsors

• Access to pre-made content for printed material

• Referral Network

• Instructional Video Series with ongoing new content

• Taxation and State Requirement Info for your State.

• Workers Compensation and unemployment links and information.

The Learning Never Stops

From the private Facebook Forum, to online consulting, and even our state of the art website, Spray Wash PRO allows members to interact with others who want to invest in their business, not just usurp free information from on-line forums.  PRO members actively send referrals to members, give great advice, and are dedicated to the professionalism of the industry.