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Are you in the Pressure Washing, Power Washing or Cleaning industry?

Welcome to Spray Wash Academy! The cleaning field is a vast and broad industry. We wanted to help simplify it a little bit and offer comprehensive hands-on training and education to cleaners, whether they are already in the industry or starting a new pressure washing business from scratch.

From events, conventions, trade shows, webinars and in-person live hands-on training at our state of the art classrooms in Tallahassee Florida, we hope you'll find Spray Wash Academy to be a valuable tool in furthering your pressure washing career!

What is Spray Wash Academy?

Education and training are key comments in turning a simple job into a lifelong profession. At the Academy, it is our mission to provide leading-edge training for the pressure washing, softwashing, and roof cleaning industries.

Sadly we see this following scenario repeated countless times: someone decides to buy a pressure washer, and get into the field of exterior cleaning. I mean seriously, how hard can it be? Go to a big-box store, buy a pressure washer and BOOM!'ve got a cleaning business! Suddenly reality sets in, you don't know how to clean something, or damage is caused to a customer's property, or you wind up hurting yourself or your employees, destroying your chance to improve your business and your life.

It is our sincere goal to help ease that learning curve and remove years of trial and error by exposing you to some of the brightest minds, best equipment, and latest trends in the cleaning industry.

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A repository for the Cleaning Industry...

The cleaning industry offers so many different aspects... Organizations, specialities, and events. For much too long, finding good information and a central location to learn about industry events has been like trying to find a needle in a haystack! We hope you'll find Spray Wash Academy to be a repository for all things pressure washing, power washing, soft-washing and roof cleaning related with industry events, and calendars, links to vendors and training events and much, much more.


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Pressure Washing Industry Events

Dave Nezat’s Sales School

Feb 16-18th, 2018 – Lafayette, Louisiana You want cool? You want skill? You need to go to PapaPuff aka Dave Nezat’s 2nd Annual Sales School in Louisiana. This man sells multi-thousand dollar house washes on the regular, plus you get the added benefit of hangin with some of the coolest cats in the pressure washing…