Our Classes

Safety Certification

SWAT offers a three hour safety certification course which will cover topics such as ladder safety, roof safety, job site safety, and OSHA rules and regulations as they apply to our industry. This is a tested module.

Plant and Property Protection

This three hour  certification course  will discuss how to protect your customers landscaping, and property to the best of your ability, avoid costly mistakes and damages.  This is a tested module offering a certification.

Softwash Certifaction

This two day course is and hands on institution by two of the leaders in the softwashing industry, Tim Aselton and Ray Burke. Day one is classroom based, learning about mixology, procedure and theory. Day two is in the field training.

The Works

This three day course is a must for those interested in opening a cleaning business. From spray techniques, to sales and even office management, learn what works and what doesn't!

Roof Cleaning

Get trained in roof cleaning. From metal, to shingles, to tile and even commercial roofing applications, we will discuss and clean roofing, getting you hands on practice.

Business & Sales Training

Not worried about the technical aspects of cleaning but want an immersion in the business end? The this class is for you. Shadow Tonya and Ray in their office and on sales call for two days!


Custom education for you!

Since we keep our Tallahassee classes small and intimate, we can customize your lesson plan to address your individual needs! Need something you don't see listed, feel free to ask!

Large scale building training

At Spray Wash Exterior Cleaning, we are known for our large scale commercial building cleaning. Want to join us on a project like this to learn the processes, methods, and intricacies?  Increase your comfort level and expertise by joining us on one of these jobs!

Commercial Pressure Washing