Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Is Spray Wash Academy an org or an association?

No...we are not a "Not for profit org". This is an enterprise owned solely by Ray and Tonya Burke. We have many things in common with, camaraderie, care for our members.  But what we don't have here is a bunch of political stuff going on.

Can I buy Spray Wash Academy Swag?

Soon...we will have shirts, stickers, and even more! Keep checking back for details!

Do you offer Certifications?

Of course! Our certifications are offered in person with a special test given at the end of the course. These certification courses are specially designed by industry experts and are meant to keep you on the cutting edge of cleaning technology and safety!

Can I "join" Spray Wash Academy?

Eventually the SWAT team (Spray Wash Academy Training) will have many different classifications, from Faculty, Alumni, Boosters, and more...stay tuned for details!