About Us

Our Approach

Every year thousands of folks buy a pressure washer and decide to start a cleaning business. Some are successful, most are not. After spending years in this cleaning industry,  we realized there was a need for training in this business...real training ...hands on training.

Our Story

We came from very humble beginnings...The owners of Spray Wash Academy, Ray and Tonya Burke, are cleaners still to this day. Our daily and nightly grind involves getting dirty, sweaty and cleaning things. It is the meat and potatoes of our operation with Spray Wash Exterior Cleaning.


Meet the Deans of Spray Wash Academy


Ray Burke

Ray began pressure washing in late 2009 simply as a way of trying to feed his family. He made most of the common mistakes that any pressure washing guy would. After getting involved with industry  organizations, Ray became a national speaker and trainer... when he's not managing the day-to day crew activities at Spray Wash Exterior Cleaning.

Tonya Burke big-1

Tonya Burke

Tonya is pure energy! Her non-stop efervescent personality acts as the glue that holds Spray Wash Exterior Cleaning together on a daily basis. As salesperson, administrator, and scheduler, Tonya understands the  needs that a cleaning business faces. She also understands the customer's psyche and how to sell!